Creative investigations with junk or old computer hardware

turbidity botProgrammable logic controllers-

Refurbished and testing various operating systems (Deconstructing)

'Cast Off' Computers for Open Source Experimentation."Cast off" computers for operating system development-

linux mint logodebian logoubuntu logolinux logoWindows-or-mac logo

Carving shaping materials in additive and subtractive ways

LatheCarving/cutting rotating wood-

Current projects at the space

Shredder - Bot
Rocket Bike
rocket bike1

rocketbike 2


to Develop creativity with industrial technology

to Discovery old/new concepts in electronics industrial design and art

to Share ideas and information in a safe common area that can foster growth in new business markets


MIS makerspace is a 905 sq. ft fabrication experimental laboratory with a variety of tools and resources for prototyping, building, and designing computer and electronic equipment.  There is a clean space and dirty space that meet the needs of designers and fabricators of various materials ranging from wood to metal to paper.


MISmakers operates as a fee for service workshop and laboratory.  Daily fees for 1/2 day and full day (9am – 5pm) are $7.00 and $14.00 respectively.  This allows users to have full access to tools resources, and a proctor for tool training  safety and collaboration.

Monthly member ships are also available for $50.00/month which give you full access during open laboratory days as well as appointment /workshop privileges.

-Storage Space for projects

-Access to all tools, computers, and resources

-Workshop apron/shirt

Members will be ask to share project developments during monthly ‘share’ meetings that are opened to members and general public.  This happens the last Thursday of every month from 7pm – 9pm.

Members will have the capacity to shape and form path of and trajectory of MISmakers regarding and not limited to the associated steering committees:

-Tool acquisition

-Infrastructure (physical, digital, organizational)

-MIS makerspace public relations, marketing

-Workshop and demonstration projects

Please contact us with any questions